Dressing to impress the opposite sex has basically been practiced since the Old Testament. Whether you're trying hard, or trying to not try too hard, there are many ways dudes fail pique the interest of the lady he's after. Why, you ask? Because they don't know what women, especially of those of some prestige and exquisite style, want to see from a man in the summer when the heat is smoldering and there are fewer clothing options available with which to impress. 

We gave you rules from the pros on how to start a business, and now we're trying to help you get busy by calling on some of the coolest, most stylish women around (they know their shit) to tell us what they want to see guys rocking this summer—as well as what sends them to the other side of the pool. So, if you'd like to meet some ladies this summer, grab a notepad, put on your best reading glasses, and take heed to Summer Style Do's And Don'ts From 10 Real Girls.