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It is approaching 100 degrees outside, but it feels closer to the temperature of a Juvenile album. Your first instinct might be to throw on the nearest pair of board shorts and hightail it to the local pool, which is totally fine, except most of us can't afford swim 24/7. Sometimes we need to go to work, or run errands, or spend time with so-called "loved ones." And well, you need to look good for those occasions.

Thankfully, we had an intrepid team from Four Pins over in Florence to check out the epic menswear tradeshow Pitti Uomo, which signals the start of another "fashion month," ensuring plenty of street style shots to come. It's like, hot as hell there and we saw the Instagrams to prove it. Regardless, we also saw much visual evidence that it's possible to look cool while maintaining a normal body temperature. Culled from some of our favorite street style photographers, keep your summer game tight with 10 Summer Style Tips Real Guys Can Learn From Pitti Uomo