Famed contemporary photographer and all-around badass Ryan McGinley opened two shows at both Team Gallery locations in NYC, one titled "Animals" and the other "Grids." Between the brilliant cohesion his work always seems to carry and the crowd of upscale scenesters, the openings were a huge success.

"Animals" contains color studio portraits of live animals with nude models (we couldn't include all of the nudes). The series' dichotomy exists between aggressive and harmonious pairings of animals and humans, to the point where the viewer no longer distinguishes them from one another. At times humorous and at other times gross, "Animals" continues McGinley's studies of the body in all its imperfection and centrality.

"Grids" focuses on the face with close-up portraits of fans at concerts. Showing a less-known side of his work that he's cultivated since 2007 (documenting live shows), the pieces feel much more emotional and intimate than those in "Animals." Not called "Grids," for nothing, the photos appear in large-scale tiling and feature natural, unedited lighting from colored concert lights.

Visit "Animals" at 83 Grand Street and "Grids" at 47 Wooster Street in NYC now through June 2, 2012.