This year marks 10 years of Visvim and the brand's superior products. Each collection since the beginning has been carefully crafted, and always proved to be ahead of the pack. Hiroki Nakumara continues to impress season after season topping his previous work every time, and still providing a unique story for each piece he makes.

i-D Magazine recently caught up with the Japanese designer at his most recent exhibition to ask the man with the plan a few questions. The interview covers topics including design, highlights of the brand, his beginning stages, and more. Here's a couple excerpts below. Visit the i-D online website for full interview.

Can you tell us a little about how you started? Many years ago I used to work for a sporting company. In the beginning I really believed in the company and what they produced but as they grew and time passed I felt the company and their end product changed from what I believed in. The Visvim concept was born because I wanted to develop and create a brand I personally believed in. I wanted to focus on producing a high quality, long-lasting end product that was genuine – this was my motivation 10 years ago. I had a idea to develop comfortable shoes because they have an aspect of utility and are a part of our functional daily lives. I believe shoes should be the most comfortable and durable personal items we own as we rely on them so much.

What have been the highlights? Every season I try to develop or push the product to the next level and make it better. I continuously try to develop and innovate but it is a path of discovery which does not always come easily. Sometimes it can take me three months other times two years for me to develop the next improvement. When I finally do make an improvement such as identifying a new material, fabric, discovering a new method to manufacture or finding a new supplier then those occasions and personal victories are always the most memorable for me and my highlights. 



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