The Malaysian shoe store in Kuala Lumpur, Shoes Shoes Shoes, has started a ridiculous marketing campaign where a girl can "get a pair of shoes from Shoes Shoes Shoes and get a free man!" Um, what?

How it works: men can sign up for the dating site, Lunch Actually, and pick 20 shoes they'd like to see their date wear and pledge to pay anywhere from 10 to 100 percent of the cost of the shoe. Women can buy the shoe of her choice and go online to see which guys picked the same particular pair. She can pick one out of those lucky dudes and go on a date to be reimbursed for her new shoes.

Which side is more desperate? The girl that goes on a date with a random guy to get a discount on her shoes or the guy that agrees to pay for a pair of shoes hoping that it will get him laid? Online dating has officially been taken to the next level. [Huffington Post

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