Back in the 1980s, New York's Mass Transit Authority launched the Arts For Transit program. Through this initiative, the MTA selected artists for permanent installations at stations around the city and surrounding areas*, as well as founding the Music Under New York, the Transit Poster Program, and the Lightbox Project. Now, New York's rail and subway systems are home to museum quality works that enliven commutes and daily travels.

But, if you blink, you might miss them. That would be a real shame.

Some of the world's greatest artists are represented in mosaic, terra cotta, bronze, glass and mixed-media sculpture throughout the Arts For Transit program. All you need is $2.25 and a sense of adventure in to check it out.

Need a head  start? We recommend finding these installations first and foremost.

Check out The Coolest Arts For Transit Projects.

*In case this wasn’t implied, the art can be found in the MTA NYC Transit, Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad stations. Enjoy!