Designer Eunice Lee gets a lot of love at the Complex office, her UNIS line of slim chinos, comfortable shirting, and dope outerwear looks good on just about any guy. Hypebeast sits down with the designer for a brief conversation. Here are some excerpts:

My pet peeves include… men without manners. Guys, seriously, open the door for your woman. Pull out her chair. Walk her home at night — or at least put her in a cab!

My taste in design… is simple. I really don’t like it when guys look like they’re wearing a costume. I loved what the heritage trend brought to menswear, the return to classics. 

Retail at the moment… is exciting. The landscape has changed dramatically, thanks to the recession. It’s killed the old way of doing things. Designers are no longer beholden to fat, old, crooked dinosaurs.

UNIS has become… And is becoming what I always hoped. One of the first brands that inspired me was agnes b. I loved the idea of having my own boutiques. It was always a dream. 

Check out the full interview here. [Hypebeast]

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