Patch Whisky

Patch Whisky’s art brings characters to life. In this rendition of former Playboy model, he adds his kooky winkles: creative, acrylic and spray-painted monsters that are formed in a world of psychedelic colors. Each beautiful face is replaced with a unique personality, giving an experimental creation of Playmate new beauty and a bit of animation.

Quez: I like this, I don’t like the outside. These look like old playmates or something.

Ali: They should have a pole or something in here. That would go hard. [laughs]

Quez: It is cool how they, like, molded it.

Ali: It was like real people.

Quez: And just made them ugly as shit. [laughs] [They are] Playboys, Playmates of the Month. And they painted on it. And you know who that is? [points to one] That’s Osmosis Jones! [laughs]

Miss November?

Quez: No, that’s Osmosis [laughs]