Cardboard Mode 2, Part of The One Day Painting Installation for the “Urban Affairs Extended” Berlin

European graffiti artist Mode 2 drawings on cardboard articulate the aspects of human lust and affection. Mode 2 is not a stranger of unveiling naughty urban artwork. “Urban Affairs” aims to stimulate powerful emotions. He captures physical intimacy at its rawest form.

Quez: That’s hard for you to do something on cardboard. They probably sold this for the most money they had in their life. They probably did this on some crazy sh*t.

As artists, do you ever do these kinds of things? Do you draw or something other than making music?

Ali: I used to draw when I was little.

Quez: I be painting and sh*t. I only painted like two things. I painted a pizza and I did the adidas sign.

Ali: I used to draw, like Dunks and Air Forces. The dunks were the most easiest to draw. I stopped because I started to suck. [laughs] But, I had seen him do that, the adidas one.

Quez: Me and [Ali] used to do something crazy with Legos men.

Ali: I used to build a house, boats and everything for my mom when I was little. It wasn’t a big house.

Quez: Yeah, but a little toy house. That was some fun sh*t.

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