This past October, news broke out that Pharrell Williams was working on a new BBC spin-off for the ladies called Billionaire Girls Club, as well as a collaborative footwear collection with Mark Mcnairy. While it might be challenging to talk to Skateboard P about uncompleted tasks, the people over at GQ asked anyway.

In the same interview where he talks about being a consultant for the Oscars, releasing his book 'Places & Spaces I've Been," and working on Jay-Z's track 'Glory' he touches on both of his upcoming collections. He even talked about the shirt-tied-around-the-waist trend

"GQ: You're working on a new line of boots, right?
Pharrell: Yeah. We're working on some boots for BBC [Billionaire Boys Club]. But I can't really talk about it.

GQ: Well, speaking of BBC, you're releasing a women's line soon, BGC, right?
Pharrell: Yup! And it's crazy!

GQ: Will there be much of a difference between the men's and women's line aside from sizing and maybe color schemes?
Pharrell: Again, I can't give it away. Somebody else will do it. [Laughs] But it's definitely us. It's signature us. It's awesome.

GQ: Is it still on target to come out this year?
Pharrell: It may be in the middle of '13. But you'll be seeing hints of it in the marketplace in 2012.

GQ: You've started a lot of fashion trends over the years. Are you aware of the latest that folks are adopting slowly but surely? Style guys are feeling your plaid-shirt-around-the-waist-for-no-reason look.
Pharrell: [Laughs] Uh, I guess I'm just having a '90s grunge moment. And, like, is that the case? Is that what you're seeing?

GQ: Yeah, I've actually had a conversation about it with some fashion editors, wondering if you ever actually wear the plaid shirt or if it's just decoration.
Pharrell: Wow. That's funny, man. I started going, like, grunge after the last N.E.R.D. album, Nothing. [Asks assistant] Right? Wasn't it right around then? And I did it a little around Seeing Sounds, too!"


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