Dutch designer Boy Bastiaens has a long history in denim. His past work with Lee, Wrangler, G-Star, and more solidified Bastiaens as a go to logo creator in market. Recently, he's produced identities for K Karl Lagerfeld and Atelier LaDurance.

Bastiaens latest effort is a re-branding of Swedish brand Denim Demon. A collaborative effort of brothers Anton, Oskar, and Patric, along with their father Kjellake, the brand draws from richness of American workwear and their own native Scandinavian Sami culture. The Sami are reindeer herders, with a unique history of artisan craft and handmade clothing. These traditions are neatly woven into the fabric of Denim Demon garments by Bastiaens who incorporates the Sami story into new patches and displays for Denim Demon.

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