"Vitruvius Man" by Leonardo Da Vinci

Season, Episode, Show Title: Season 3, Episode 9 - "Saturdays of Thunder"

Also Appears: Season 10, Episode 19 - "Mom and Pop Art" - Homer falls asleep in the gallery and is transported into different different tableaux. The Vitruvian Man rolls into Homer's dream and beats him up with punches and kicks. Later, Homer lies over a carpet distraught. The combination of his outstretched limbs and the circles on the carpet combine to make an homage to the Vitruvian Man. This happens twice in the episode. Season 20, Episode 13 - "Gone Maggie Gone" - The opening graphics package for a Channel 6 news segment on the eclipse shows Homer as the Vitruvian Man.

The logo at the Father Hood Institute is a version of the Vitruvius man, except that he holds a son's hand, briefcase, a kite and a baseball mitt, showing elements of parenthood.

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