Under Armour is entering the soccer market with a renegade approach. Beginning next year, the Baltimore-based brand will be outfitting Tottenham Hotspur. Think of it as a revolution of sorts (Nike, obviously, has pioneered US involvement in football kit), and one that requires a quirky approach for fulfillment.

Designers Robbie Rane and Jason Bradley have proposed a humorous campaign to bring Americans into the beautiful game. They see Under Armour as the perfect vehicle for "leading a revolution against flopping." The idea is based on fan involvement, with supporters given voice against unsportsmanlike play. Fans will be given "The Pink Card" against dives. And, print ads will feature the 3 most notorious floggers in the game. These figures will be held to a fan trial, the worst offender awarded a patch to denote their sins.

Rane has also produced the video shown below, designed to kick-off the revolution. [TDK]