Patrik Ervell is one of New York's most innovative fashion designers and an industry mainstay. Although he's developed a cult following among both his menswear and women's wear fans, it looks like he prefers designing for men. 

In the same Bloomberg interview where he talks about his creative process, fashion shows, and the possibility of a flagship store, he says it's easier to design for guys and to work with their shapes.

When asked about his creative process for both menswear and women's wear:

"Men are really just cylinders, much simpler to work with than a woman’s shape. Also, there’s a different kind of mentality to the clothes. Menswear is all about these little details and slight changes in proportion, but for women’s wear you have to turn up the volume. And that somehow makes it less interesting: a change of a centimeter in menswear can be very powerful; in women’s wear it’s usually meaningless."


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