Estimated Salary (in NYC): $27,000
Where to Apply:, Fashion Jobs,
How to Make It: You gotta be completely dedicated and attentive to what your boss needs (within reason of course, you're running errands, not turning tricks). Know how to multi-task really well and have a talent for scheduling—and always able to make things happen, especially the unrealistic demands of your boss.

Designers and other fashion executives like high-up editors don't have time to run errands and do all the things normal people do — like pick up dry cleaning, make dinner reservations, or book flights. That's where you come in. Your job is to be highly organized, efficient, field calls, meetings, and be extremely punctual. You'll probably start off getting paid in free swag with up-and-coming designers, but if you're really good — or their career takes off — you can start making the big bucks. The downside? Say goodbye to your social life. Being a good personal assistant means being reliable, 24/7.