3. It’s No Longer a Trend, It’s a Business Model

Sure, it starts as an aesthetic… Americana, workwear, Ivy League, whatever it is, but eventually it becomes a selling point. A marketing gimmick. A strategy. There’s no way to avoid this one really—why shouldn’t the stuff you love be used against you to make someone else rich?

Made in the USA, or better yet, Made in Japan, or even better than both, Made in the USA with Japanese materials. Don’t get it twisted, if you’re going to open your wallet, you should think about what and who you are supporting. But it’s like food. Organic, grown local, free-range… It’s all good, but at some point you gotta say: “Just give me something that tastes good. Don’t stuff a bunch of rhetorical garbage down my throat along with it.” Are you buying something that actually looks good on you, or are you buying into a prefab look?