Written by Steven Vogel.

Making a list about something subjective, such as art, is somewhat of a futile attempt.  Squeezing your own personal likes into something objective is not going to work, unless of course you explain a few things before hand.

First and foremost, this here list is very subjective. Any list that tries to quantify art has to be. I truly believe that any form of art is not about competition. However, and for the sake of this list I have tried to do base my choices on the following:

1. I gave up trying to define the borders for Heavy Metal here, but let’s not get into the typical knuckle dragging genre defining metal nerdness here. Simply put, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Mastodon are Heavy Metal. Guns N’Roses is not. Cool?
2. Does the artwork, or has the artwork had, a cultural impact on heavy metal fans and possibly beyond that?
3.. Do I like the artwork and additionally, how does it co-relate to the actual album?

Again, art is a question of personal taste. I am sure some of you might miss the obvious ones in here, but I’ll try and give a reason for it. If not, then it should be obvious or I just couldn’t be bothered.

That said, here are The 50 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers.

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