Eddie Murphy has done really well for himself.  Don’t let the wack movies like Meet Dave and Imagine That take away from what the man has done. Murphy’s current movies tend to make people forget that he has several classics under his belt. He went H.A.M. in Nutty Professor by playing practically the entire cast, and before then he had Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop, and Trading Places. You gotta give the man credit, he did become a member of the Saturday Night Live cast at just 19 years old, and has shared movie and television screens with Hollywood's elite.

His jokes are memorable, and his movies are classics, but what really made Murphy shine in his hey-day was his style. While becoming a comedic icon, he developed a swagger that was untouchable. With Tower Heist coming out this Friday, we thought about Murphy’s phenomenal roles and the style which took the movies to another level. You don’t have to rediscover what made Eddie so cool, we did it for you with his Most Stylish Movie Moments