DPM collaborated with North Face Japan and Medicom Life Entertainment on a series of products all featuring the camouflage pattern, DPM: Rocky Mountain States. The Rocky Mountain States nomenclature is inspired by the Hugo Award winning The Man in the High Castle (1962), by Philip K. Dick, a science fiction novel of the alternative history sub-genre by Philip K. Dicks.

Inspired by maharishi’s house pattern DPM: Bonsai Forest, Northface looked to DPM to create a camouflage that reflected Northface's spiritual home, Yosemite national park. This five color pattern uses Conifer trees, elements of the Rocky mountains and pinecones to mirror this rugged terrain. First to be released is the Mcmurdo Down Parka , alongside this there is currently a tee and a sticker sheet with the Down Makulu Jacket released in March 2006. Medicom have produced a couple of variants of the FABRICK series mascot Henry plush figure in the same fabric, the first based on the North Face logo and the second on maharishi’s temple logo, as well as a series of home products.