San Francisco's quickly becoming the city for progressive international graffiti exhibitions. Following the Young & Free group show, which highlights Australian artists, FAST FOWARD brings a diverse group of spray can artists to the Bay. Included are Suiko, Sueme, Poesia, Robz, and Bam. The group represents Japan, Canada, and the Bay Area respectively. The intent of the exhibition is to showcase how advancement of tools and technology is pushing the boundaries of what we think of as graffiti.

The show is curated by Mike Bam Tyau, a native of Hawaii who migrated to SF in the mid-80s. He's a member of the graffiti crew Together With Style (TWS). 

FAST FORWARD opens on Friday September 3, 2011. The exhibition will remain on view through October 30, 2011. 

1AM Gallery, 1000 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 

Check out a preview of FAST FORWARD.