According to a study done by the Global Language Monitor—the same guys who rank colleges and universities—London beat out other well known cities to place at the top as the most fashionable city in the world. The study was based on studying mentions of fashions important buzz names on the internet through various online content that included blogs, social media, and websites. Before you call bullocks, it was Alexander McQueen and Kate Middleton that helped put London over the top. Check out the rest of the list:

1. London (3) – Kate Middleton and Alexander McQueen help raise the City to No.1 status.
2. New York (1) – New York is strong but London has Kate. ‘Nuff said.
3. Paris (4) – No. 1 in our hearts but No. 3 in the media.
4. Milano (6) – The Earth has returned to its proper orbit: The Big Four once again occupy the top four spots.
5. Los Angeles (5) – LA solidifying her hold on No. 5.
6. Hong Kong (2) – Down from No. 2 but tops again in Asia.
7. Barcelona (10) – The Queen of the Iberian Peninsula. Once again.
8. Singapore (15) – Up seven spots and into the Top Ten.
9. Tokyo (14) – Third Asian city in the Top Ten.
10. Berlin (18) – Completes a long climb into elite status.

Commentary and list via Global Language Monitor