The New York Times "Room for Debate" section poses the question “Has Globalization Ruined Street Style?” to its knowledgeable panelists consisting of five fashion insiders. Look outside and it’s not hard to find and see that everyone’s playing a game of one-upmanship to get noticed. That, and men have become more in-tune to what they’re wearing. While panelists weigh-in with their own opinions, what are your thoughts on the subject? Check out some quotes below and check out the full article at the New York Times website.

"If street style has been suffering from anything, it's its own popularity."
Will Welch, Senior Editor, GQ
"The most innovative street style trends to be created in the absence of wealth, rarely from wearing fashion labels bought off racks. When money is not available, resourcefulness and creativity are required, often resulting in the greatest imagination and originality. Brilliant ideas don’t cost a cent."
Kim Hastreiter, PAPER Magazine
"The consumer is being put on a platform not just as a buyer of the goods but also as a model and walking billboard for the goods."
Tommy Ton, Photographer