II. The Process

Here’s how to get it right:

1. Put the jeans on the way you’d normally wear them.
2. Look in the mirror—not down at yourself—and make a mark with the chalk on one leg where you want to cut.
3. Remove the jeans and use a ruler to draw a straight line with the chalk across the leg.
4. Start snipping. Cut just below the line—you can always make them shorter. Cut one pant leg at a time, making long cuts so you get a straight edge.
5. Cut one leg, then fold the jeans over and use the edge to make a line with the chalk on the other leg so that they’ll be the same length.
6. Put them and check the length in the mirror. If they’re too long, take off another half inch.

JORTS TIP: As you wear and wash them they will fray and get shorter. So don’t go too short at first.