Another weekend, another opportunity to rage your face off. But just because you get down and dirty doesn’t mean your clothes have to be. Lucky for you, clothier Kid Dangerous is in the business of keeping you fresh, no matter how crazy the scene. Gentlemen, start your engines: it’s time for another JungleCents and Complex collaboration.

With tees and hoodies ranging from ironic to breezy, the Los Angeles based line seeks to fuse the division between crass and class without giving in to the former or posturing as the latter. The result—bold graphic tees and tanks, hoodies and sweatpants, and vests and outerwear that sport such witticisms as “Mo Monet Mo Problems”—is undeniably appealing. Just ask the diverse array of celebrities sporting Kid Dangerous and partying like the rockstars they are: Robert Downey Jr., Adrien Grenier, and NaS are all fans.

Have a Pabst in a Philly bar, a Blue Moon in a Los Feliz house party, or a god-knows-what in a Brooklyn warehouse rave. As a Kid Dangerous shirt so eloquently puts it, “drink yo face off” and “don’t stop get it get it”. Just make sure you cash in on this JungleCents and Complex deal and do it in style.

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