Thrasher Magazine has long been the iconic magazine in skateboarding, and this year marks the publisher's 30th anniversary. The skate mag teamed up with Oakley for its Love & Guts art show series at Soho's Redbull Space, on display tonight. The exhibit, which also pays homage to the skate world's too-soon departed, presents a series of photographic flashbacks of the past three decades of skate culture by artists like Neckface and Robert Willaims. Check out some of the artwork that will be on display tonight by clicking on the thumbnail images.

Credits in order of appearance:

Work by: 1. Emb Locs 2. various artists 3. various artists 4. Pat Ngoho 5. Thrasher cover 6. Lance Mountain 7. Dennis McNett 8. Neckface 9. various artists 10. Neckface