Horioshi lll:
“This guy is a Japanese master tattoo artist, who I was fortunate enough to meet on my trips to Japan. I've always admired Japanese work. I jokingly call myself Coreyoshi. No disrespect, its a respectful pun.

When I pick up a reference for Japanese work, I'll usually look to his free-hand drawing. I read something in one of his books that freed up my mind. He said: "For years I never wanted to copy anything. I always wanted to be able to draw everything my own way, developing my own style was the best thing for me. But these days I don't really think that. I think once you copy something you can make it your own and change it." I read that, and to hear a Japanese master say the same thing that all of this stuff came from something and its okay to copy it, was interesting. If what you do is you copy it but bring your own twist...He's still a master tattoo artist, he's still the essence of where it came from.”

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