Bobby Hundreds knows streetwear. He lives it, he breathes it, and guess what? He writes it. He penned the controversial 50 Greatest Streetwear Brands for Complex. Not surprisingly, a lot of people are heated. Bobby has been bombarded by an onslaught of comments and tweets since the post went up—both respectful and hostile. Maybe more of the latter.

So how can he "defend without sounding defensive"? By writing this. It seemed like Bobby made it clear in the introduction to his list how he went about choosing and placing the brands, but not everyone is satisfied with his explanation. So, he decided to reiterate a few key points. Like, why LRG isn't included ("Jonas had said it himself, that LRG is NOT a Streetwear brand, it’s not skate, it’s not surf.. it’s for everyone.") and why brands like Rebel 8, Upper Playground, RVCA, and Obey aren't ranked (they belong in a whole different category). In the end, this was Bobby's list. You might disagree, but he stands by it. Read the rest of his response for yourself.