caught up with Schott Schuman, better known as The Sartorialist, before before his show last week at the Fiat Gallery. Getting your picture snapped by The Sartorialist is confirmation that you got your swag down tight, and gots his opinions on the history and current landscape of street style blogging. Read an excerpt below, and the full transcript over at

The landscape has changed so much since you started taking street-style photos.
There’s definitely a lot of people doing it. I don’t do it particularly as competition, but there’s definitely a lot of people doing it now and I think it’s great; I think it makes a great historical document at this moment. In the past, there were people like [Jacques-Henri] Lartigue, who shot street style in Paris in the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s. Pretty much I think he was shooting the very high end. He came from a very rich family and he was shooting the very dramatic, high end of fashion. And people like the Séeberger brothers did the same thing—shooting the very high end, people going to the racetracks and all that. Bill Cunningham really was one of the first to start shooting on the street, everyday people, from some dressed at a very high level to some dressed at a very interesting level of less expensive clothes. But I think a lot of times he tended to go to the more dramatic.

Now I think the next step of that evolution is people shooting everything, from the overly dramatic to the very subtle to the very trendy. The technology gives us the ability to make a great document of this time.


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