What Makes Up the Name: turkey + chicken + duck

This one is also lethal and probably the most exotic food portmanteau out there due to its innovative use of three (count 'em three) words: turkey, duck and chicken. Although they combine to form a dish more than a new word, we're going to give it to turducken, just because we approve of stuffing things within things within things and then eating the resulting thing (see: also tacodillarito). But still, there's one question that remains: "Mommy, where do turduckens come from?"

Origin: From Wikipedia, but this time it's relatively well-cited: "Roasts of nested birds or other animals have been documented for centuries. The Yorkshire Christmas pie, an English dish served in the 18th century, consists of five different birds either layered or nested, and baked in a standing crust.[1][2][3]." But Hebert's Specialty Meats in Lousiana has been commercially producing turduckens since 1985, so probably before that.

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