Shots of Patron

It’s dark and hot as hell in the club, and you ain’t J-Kwon, but literally er’body in the club is getting tipsy. Luckily you’ve got on the coolest outfit, literally and figuratively, in the joint.

Handkerchief: Hill-Side for Hickorees Cherry Blossom handkerchief ($44)
Wipe sweat with swag. The yellow cherry blossom print is exclusive to Hickoree’s in NYC.

Pants: Left Field NYC chambray trousers ($140)
100% chambray cotton pants will keep from sweating your balls off and they are stylish as all get out.

Shoes: Nike Air Venture Vintage ($100)
Bringing back the Nike Air Venture was a good move. First released in 1985, the Venture features a classic silhouette and those signature colors early Nike’s were known for.