StyleCaster enlisted the help of Gilt Man and Gilt MANual for "Style Notes"—head-to-toe looks for an array of occasions (from Paris Fashion Week to those hungover brunch meetings).

Gilt Man Editorial director, Tyler Thoreson goes on to talk about the Gilt Man customer by saying:

“One is that original guy who has been with us from the start. He knows what he wants and his personal style is pretty well developed. He is our hardcore guy. He won’t do a meeting at 12 noon. He might schedule a meeting at 12:15, but never noon. Then there is the other group of guys. They aren’t as far along on their style journey. I’d like to say they dress better than they did 3 years ago, but in 3 years they are going to dress a hell of a lot better than they do now. That’s the guy we are really focusing on with Gilt MANual. We are trying to help him hone his personal style.”

Whether you're the "one" guy or the "other" guy, this "Style Notes" editorial is worth checking out.

[via StyleCaster]