Tons of fashion blogs are popping up with their amateur opinions on what we should and shouldn't wear, so it's easy for a good one to get lost in the bunch. Luckily, The Straight Leg has been brought to our attention and we're liking what we read. TSL's got a sense of humor; it says its purpose is to "bridge that gap by showing straight guys the fashion line between gay and straight. This way they can walk it, or at least take steps towards it." LOLOL, right? Founder, Matt Brand talks about everything from wardrobe essentials and fashion negatives, while ranking styles and trends with head shots of famous actors. Just look at images from the blog above: George Clooney (Straight), Jude Law (Borderline), and Tom Cruise (Not Straight). Once you get past laughing your ass off at his witty comments, you'll find that Brand really knows what he's talking about. Bookmark, subscribe, and take heed! [LINK]