It's Monday, and we're staring down the barrel of another Valentine's Day. If you have a significant other in your life, you have about 6 hours to figure this out, so allow us to help. We caught up with old St. Vd, who leaked us Cupid's Valentine's day color trend forecast for this February 14th. Sure you can do dinner, roses, and chocolates, but a simple card, virtual or hand crafted, will probably do just fine (just claim recession). Use Cupid's PMS guide to express true DIY romance by clicking on the above thumbnails and then getting to work this afternoon on a special card for that special someone. Happy holidays kiddos.

Hand scrawled on a Guinness napkin from The Wire's very own Kavanagh's Irish Pub is Complex’s 2011 St. Pats color trend forecast for this March 17th. Ladies can also use this PMS guide as inspiration before going to get their clover themed nails did. Go nuts.