Portlandia is a new sketch comedy show that pokes fun at the alternative sub-culture of Portland, Oregon. We checked out the premiere last week and we think creators and actors of the show, Fred Armisen (of SNL fame) and Carrie Brownstein do a pretty good job of portraying the best and worst sides of the hipsters, eco-hippies, and dumpster divers from the Northwest. In fact, they may do the best job as the show is RIDICULOUSLY funny. For today's "How to Dress Like" series, we could have gone the sterotypical route of flannels and skinny jeans, but we picked two looks we saw in the show that seemed extreme, but look totally cool because you don't care about conforming to norms of coolness and make your own coolness wherever you go. Whether or not you add the "irony" is up to you. Actually, it's not. Just try to be post-ironic sincere but do it in a totally affected way. GET IT? Yeah, us neither.

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