KnittingisForPussiesThis past Christmas Eve, the Polish-born street artist Olek was up all night crocheting. She wasn't finishing a set of Christmas pot holders for her grandmother, she was creating a cozy purple, green, and pink camo skin for Wall Street's famous "Charging Bull," the 7,000-pound bronze sculpture that lives near the New York Stock Exchange. She completed the piece early in the morning, but unfortunately it was destroyed by the City just hours after it was finished. The remnants she was able to save have been added to her show at Christopher Henry Gallery in NYC, along with a full multimedia installation of her work on the bull, both of which will be unveiled tonight. The reboot of her show, called Knitting is for Pussies, features an entire room covered in crochet as well as other examples of her vibrant, labor-intensive yarn works. Over the weeks that this iteration of the exhibition is up, Olek will continue to install public pieces around the neighborhoods of Nolita and the Lower East Side that viewers can seek out using maps provided by the gallery. [Christopher Henry Gallery]