What The F*ck You Wearing Omarion? We recognize and deeply respect that there are many marvelously ridiculous things at play so let's start from the top. Really dude? Really. It's too warm out for a coat but a Ushanka is called for? Conceivably to crowd your be-goateed and be-sunglassesed face because the distraction of your bow-tie x multi-strand necklace combo was just too subtle? Perhaps it's a nuanced interplay between the shitshow collision of logomania with the LV monogram rag hanging out of your back pocket that neutralizes an MCM belt? We can't know your motivations as deeply complicated and thoroughly thought out as they are but man, we love that you're wearing denim mocassin boatshoes WITH WHITE SOCKS that make your distressed wash '90s Express: For Him jeans look great. It's all pretty masterful that ladyborg Ciara can appear downright austere next to you. Thank you, sir. For being hilarious. [via]