Denim jackets and shirts are classic and timeless. Word to Steve McQueen. Featured in our October/November issue, these staples are the must-have for any season. Perfect for layering, you can even treat a denim shirt as you would a jacket and note that our selections, while stylish, are functional and not so "trendy" that you'll tire of them. For the broad dude, you got 10.DEEP's dark raw denim which is not only instantly dressier but slimming. And the lines of rivets along the placket draw the eye to the center. The G-Star jacket is tailored for the skinny dude, with centered contour lines that fit a torso that can't catch a break in sizes. Peep the PRPS with the burlap coarse patchwork to keep your neck warm. Dare to click and choose wisely. Also stay tuned to get schooled by our denim 101 guide later this month.