_1 This week, all of our Street Detail subjects hail from Denmark. Big ups to Scandinavia!


OCCUPATION: Co-founder of House of Billiam

HOME BASE: Paris/London

JACKET: House of Billiam

SHIRT: Parisian vintage store

JEANS: Levi's Vintage

SNEAKERS: Air Jordan

Favorite thing about living in Copenhagen? Best thing are the people and all the excellent beards.

Biggest misconception about Copenhagen? That there aren't loads of tattoos? EVERYONE has them.

What movie best captures your style? Ghostbusters.

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What's your must-have item of the moment? A beard.

Favorite website? The Guardian and House of Billiam.

Best clothing store? Harvest in Munich and Precinct 5 in Amsterdam.

Best place to take a date? Somewhere quiet.

Who inspires your style? My business partner, who makes half of the stuff I wear.

What do you collect? Books.

Favorite brand? Soulland, and of course House of Billiam.

Most common statement people make about your style? "Is that one of yours?"

Dream job? I also work as a TV sports announcer and commentator, which is fun. I think taking House of Billiam as far as possible is our aim though.

Photo by Kristina-cecile Gisors

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