Sebago has collaborated with Ronnie Fieg and six Internet tastemakers (amongst them Marcus Troy and Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette) to create "The Nexus Project" a collection born of the bloggers' total immersion in the classic footwear purveyor's facility in the Dominican Republic. Director Jake Davis documents. Here's a clip.
[Jake Davis]

This G-Shock x Dee & Ricky GA110DR-1A watch is super-sick in all its Skittles-kid, LEGOish glory. [G-Shock]

The '90s gave us good hip-hop and sneakers, but the Barbi Twins are probably the most two-riffic thing the decade had to offer. The Hundreds pays tribute to the "Hottest Pinups" in the form of limited-edition T-shirts. [Freshness Mag]

Imagine showing up at a BBQ with some Koston Dunks and these matching SB Koozies. All your fellow sneakerheads will go buck wild! But girls won't care... [Rad Collector]

This 1:2 Iron Man Mark III Marquette figure from Sideshow Toy is ill and all, but we would much rather see the 1:1 Pepper Potts version. Just sayin'... [High Snobiety]

Pokemon characters re-imagined as the genuinely scary, flesh-eating, sharp-toothed, laser-chucking monsters they really are. [via]