Vice and Intel have collaborated to unveil The Creators Project, an ambitious and auspicious multi-year forum that unites and sheds light on more than 80 international artists for conferences, collaborative projects, and other dizzying bouts of collective geniusing. They have a website and it is cool. Check out videos that run the gamut from artists like Takeshi Murata (whose work is above) to gonzo-synesthetic-information-processors like South Korea's Hojun Song. Multiple pissed-away-on-the-company-dime Wednesday afternoons will be required to pore over it all. [The Creators Project]

Moncler held us down in style during the ridiculously brick months, and the brand's sophisticated sneaker collection holds as much promise for Spring/Summer 2010. [Freshness Mag]

"Rude Britannia" opens at the Tate Modern next month featuring the works of cheeky British comic artists. If you just happen to be in the mood for a series of shrill and funny Margaret Thatcher images this afternoon, check the complementary vid. [CuratedMag]

Peep Nike Air's new spot featuring Paul Rodriguez. We're feeling the close-up, slow-mo shots. Mmmm, porny. [Solediction]

This Gameboy cover is one of the best iPad accessories we've seen so far. It is rad. [Crunch Gear]

Comme des Garçons' new fragrance, Wonderwood, has dropped. The package design is reassuringly soothing and predictably sparse and the way it smells is entirely beside the point. A bouquet d'unorthodox je pense and maybe a dash of Norwegian Wood?. [Hypebeast]

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