'Complex Nano', 2010 Morphologic Studios, Music by Space Voodoo Crystal

Complex's current issue contains a feature on nano reef aquariums, mini coral reefs that are stealing the shine from the shark tank narco-quariums of the late nineties. For the feature, we teamed up with Morphologic Studios, a Miami-based company that specializes in this stuff. The above video shows the nano reef lit up in blacklight. Hit the jump to see what the tank looks like in daylight and for the full species list, and then head over to the Morphologic site to learn about the process of putting together one of these things and for purchase info.

Species List:
Ricordea florida — Corallimorphs
Discosoma sanctithomae — Corallimorphs
Zoanthus sp. — Zoanthids
Tubastrea sp. — Non-photosynthetic coral
Chlorodesmis sp. — Macroalgae
Sabellastarte magnifica — Feather duster worm
Periclimenes pedersoni — Pederson's cleaner shrimp
Amphiprion ocellaris ('Semi-Picasso') — Clownfish
Pseudochromis fridmani — Orchid Dottyback