tyson4.19NAME: Tyson

HOME BASE: Lower East Side




What's your must have item for spring? Linen button-down shirt.

What's going to be the big spring trend? Tattoos.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? Nike, as I do all seasons.

What inspires your style? I don't think it's anyone in particular but I think NYC inspires me. The people here are diverse to say the least.

What city has the best style? I think NYC does, the city is a huge melting pot of every culture either that or London. Ain't nothing wrong with a fresh pea coat.

What movie best captures your style? Oh that's easy, Zoolander.

Who has wack style? Jay-Z, what's with a tight-ass cardigan and then the baggiest jeans? And I'm not hating but I just don't like that goth shit.

What trend do you want to see die? If it's not already dead, please kill the whole retro '80s Fresh Prince look.

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Last clothing item you purchased? Porkpie hat.

Most money you ever spent on a single item of clothing? Well, I spent $400 bucks on a pair of sneakers.

Favorite website? breadedlemons.tumblr.com.

What do you collect? Sneakers.

What is your favorite tech gadget? iPhone.

What do chicks dig about your style? I think for the most part my style is simple, never too much going on. But I wear it with confidence and I think the girls notice that.

What's the most common statement people make about your style? "You've got your own style but you're fresh."

What's the item currently in your closet you most regret buying? A lot of my T-shirts, because I never wear them.

What do you see as the next big trend? Honestly nowadays anything can become popular overnight, so I'd say ponchos. Ha.

What is your favorite city? NEW YORK CITY!

What is your dream job? Hip-hop/R&B recording artist.

Who is your dream date? The lovely Megan Fox.

Last book read? Sheesh! um, "1984" by George Orwell.

Trend proof style advice? Be true to yourself and just do YOU.

Photo by Teofilo Killip
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