Converse x Jam Division has curated an exhibition of legendary British music photographer David Corio's most iconic works. If you happen to be in Malaysia (you lucky bastard) check it out. If you happen to be chained to your North American cubicle desk, peep the shots online. [Hypebeast]

MIT Media Center has created something called Ping clothing that is essentially computers in your clothing that will "tap you on the shoulder" to alert you of new emails and texts etc. Granted it sounds like the most non-delightful jarring intrusion you've ever heard of in your life but how frickin' COOL is that? [Gizmodo]

Take a look at Suppose Design Office's renovation proposal for Ichihara City, Chiba, Japan. Beautiful. [Design Boom]

Deluxe just dropped its Spring/Summer 2010 collection lookbook, and it's full of goodies. [High Snobiety]

Medicom Toy x Nickelodeon unveils details for a SpongeBob Be@rbrick 1000% that won't at all give you nightmares from the corner of your room. [FreshnessMag]

Sneaker Con announced for 2010! [Hypebeast]