NAME: Skane

OCCUPATION: I host a live hip-hop radio show called "B-Line Radio" on 95.3 FM and I'm a concert critic for the biggest hip-hop magazine in Scandinavia called Kingsize. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades.

HOME BASE: Stora Essingen, Stockholm

HAT: Homemade by an old girlfriend

SCARF: From Afghanistan

JERSEY: Champion

HOODIE: Ben Davis

JACKET: Carhartt

WATCH: Addict x G-Shock

JEANS: Carhartt.


How does Stockholm's style differ from other cities? It's more anxious, there's even a word in fashion—Nervous Black, but that also makes people more aware of fashion so people dress better.

Favorite thing about living in Stockholm? Living close to the water.

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Least favorite thing about living in Stockholm? People can be so uncivilized, trying to get on the subway before people have a chance to get out.

What's the best place to buy sneakers? Fortunately we have two, Sneakers n' Stuff and Six Feet Down!

What's your favorite rap song? It must be "Sucker M.C.s" or "Ooh, Watcha Gonna Do" both with Run-D.M.C.

What's the best spot to pick up girls? In Stockholm, it's easy everywhere.

What's your favorite hangout spot? Shakes n' Stuff sipping on a specially made milkshake and checking people's kicks.

What's your favorite place to visit? The mail office after ordering sneakers on the Internet.

What's your favorite food? Everything but I really like seafood.

I never leave the house without... Looking fresh to death.

What inspires your style? Early '90s hip-hop like NWA and Run-D.M.C. mixed up with craftmen and harbour workers and of course Scandinavian design clothing.

What city has the best style? In Europe probably Paris or Stockholm. In the U.S., L.A. or NYC.

What movie best captures your style? New Jersey Drive or Menace II Society.

Who has wack style? People who follow trends addictively.

What trend do you want to see die? The super high waist on jeans.

Last clothing item you purchased? A new winter jacket or a Superstar jacket from adidas, can't remember.

Favorite website? Flightclub.com and Nike ID.

What do you collect? Sneakers!

Favorite brand? Tough question, but it must be MHI

Favorite tech gadget? My Pioneer DJM-707 mixer

What do chicks dig about your style? Always fresh kicks and a great personal style as well as smelling nice.

Most common statement about your style? Where'd you get those?

What do you see as the next big trend? Know your history, it always repeats it self.

Favorite city? Barcelona or New York City.

Dream job? To work with Tinker Hatfield.

Dream date? My girlfriend.

Last book read? Check the Technique by Brian Coleman.

Trend proof style advice? Get to know yourself, know your own history and express yourself and of course use dark colors during the autumn/winter and light colors during the spring/summer and you'll never go wrong.

Photo by Marguerite Seger

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