Everybody drop everything and go to Terry Richardson's blog right now. He shot the Jersey Shore dudes and it's AWESOME. [Terry's Diary]

Seattle's Maiden Noir gives us a taste of what to expect from their spring 2010 collection. [High Snobiety]

Nat Thomson has worked with Phonomenon and Calvin Klein as a web marketer, and he also writes and DJs. Check out this interview where he discusses everything from what he's reading to his love for houseplants. [Slamxhype]

F1 engineers designed this beautiful BERU Factor 001 bicycle, and if you've got 34 grand to throw around, you're an asshole you should get one. [Autoblog]

If you haven't already, check out the heartstring tangling trailer for Spike Jonze's short film Robot Love Story that was commissioned by Absolut Vodka and premiered at Sundance. [Yanko Design]

Here's a lovely gallery from the gorgeous flagship of yesterday's Buy It Now brand Barbour. Seriously, can we live? Can they build one here? Please? [A Continuous Lean]

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