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If Ink Were Blood (Man and Woman) by Dustin Yellin. Resin, acrylic, and ink, 182cm x 60cm x 34cm.

Nike's collaborative art project with Livestrong, entitled STAGES, opened in New York on Friday night at the Deitch Projects space on 480 Broome street. The collection is a series of art that features big timers like Tom Sachs, Ed Ruscha, Shepard Fairey, Kaws, and Jose Parla. If you live or are in NY for the next month, go check it out, the work is impressive and a great way to check out some contemporary heroes all in the same spot.

For the New York edition of STAGES, a few new pieces were brought into the mix, including a piece by Brooklyn artist Dustin Yellin, a two part sculpture titled, "If Ink Were Blood (Man and Woman)". Before this, we didn't really know Dustin's work, so we took the opportunity to catch up with him. Hit the jump to check out an interview with Yellin where he explains his process, then peep some of his more recent work.

Dustin Yellin, on his piece for STAGES: "Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong Foundation contacted me about STAGES, I guess Lance had been aware of my work for some time. I met him as part of this show, and these two pieces were made specifically for STAGES. I was thinking about the body and how cancer affects it and how disease in general affects it. The body is this perfect machine, and we're continuing to figure out ways to fix it and build it back up again. These are life-size humans that are pretty much all ink and resin.

"The pieces are created by stacking layers of drawings poured over a four-month period. For this one, I used computers, to build the men, and I sliced them up digitally, like an MRI, to create the 2 dimensional layers. The process works by pouring a layer of resin, letting it dry, and then painting a layer on it. The next day, I repeat the process, pouring another layer of resin on the previous drawing, letting that dry, and then painting on top of that. The form slowly builds as the 2-D marks build up. It's about 70 drawings, stacked to make one composition over a 4-month period. This is how I work, these forms are a language that I am creating. I do all kinds of different biological and abstract forms, you can see additional work at"

Additional work by Dustin Yellin:

Died and Gone to Heaven with My AK47
Resin and Ink
36"x13"x3", 2008
Gold Skull, No. 1
Ink and Resin
13.375x13x6.25, 2008
The Heart is Only a Muscle
Resin and Ink
13x17.5x9, 2008