BRAND: Hot Air

SINCE: 2007

FOUNDED BY: Chike Ozah, Bee Nguyen, Diego Carlin, Charlie Muff, Louis Yakich and Duke Wu.

HOME BASE: Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY

WHY WE CO-SIGN: A couple years ago when there seemed to be 101 brands flooding the market with t-shirt's emblazoned with their logo or slogans that were meant to be irreverent or ironic, LA based,Hot Air crew bucked the trend completely. Similar to the t-shirts sold by high fashion names like Marc Jacobs, Hot Air began producing high quality t-shirts with inventive designs in all sorts of colors at a fraction of the price of those sold in Barney's. He was basically doing the streetwear world a public service. And now, more than two years in, Ozah and his crew are beginning to delve into the world of cut and sew with some sick hoodies, jackets and sweaters. But don't think they forgot about the product that made them big in the first place. For 2009, they've continued to produced some of the best designed t-shirts on the market. Great design for a great price, all brands need to take note.

Keep reading to see five winter essentials as well as some pics of Hot Air's Spring '10 collection...

5 Essentials from the Winter Collection
1. Atterrisage Vest - Form and function at its best.
2. Co-Pilot Button Up - Warm flannel button up with distinct flair for a day's work or a casual night out.
3. Aerostat Flight Jacket - A classic piece that should stay in your collection for decades to come...
4. Ode To Flight Tee - This technique printed t-shirt merchandises with all of your daily wear.
5. Turbulence Hoodie - Daily wear recommended in either Black or Meadow Violet.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Karmaloop, Moxsie, Metropark, Probus, Da' Bakery, Enclave, Major, Adrene Boutique, Wish, and Xsquared