The Head Porter Tanker Standard Rucksack, to satisfy your daily Japanese product fetish. Ohhhhh Hirooshi. [Selectism]

Pharrell packs a punch with this Brooklyn Machine Works x Billionare Boys Club Gangsta Frame Set that glows in the dark. [Freshness Mag]

(i)Fukkin helps you burn calories. Lose that beer belly with this new iPhone App, Japanese girls in cheerleader uniforms included. [Gizmodo]

Rockstar Games and super producer Timbaland team up to tap into the burgeoning market of wack young beatmakers with Beaterator for PSP. [Daily Drop]

Two questions about this Marc Jacobs x Lady Gaga comic book. Is it anatomically correct, and will it finally settle the debate over whether the pop star is packing? [Fashionista]