BRAND: Isaora

SINCE: 2008

FOUNDED BY: Marc Daniels

HOME BASE: New York City

WHY WE CO-SIGN: Imagine gearing up to rip up the slopes but still looking ready to stop off at a lounge first. We know what you're thinking—impossible right? Think again! The first of its kind, Isaora holds down the dudes who bring style with them wherever they go, regardless of that insider bullshit. If Shaun White dressed like Kanye West, no doubt this would be his go-to label. In short, Isaora is like the refined older brother to Burton: the same technicality with a huge dash of "grown man." With its flawless melding of performance and style, this brand is all about switchin' lanes (word to Kid Cudi).

Normally when you think of a brand directed toward snowboarding you immediately picture baggy, brightly colored, gaudy jackets and snow pants. Not exactly stuff you would want to wear while walking down your block. For designer and founder Marc Daniels, that train of thought was exactly what inspired Isaora. Pieces from the Fall 2009 line will keep you comfortable as you rip up the slopes and confident while kickin' it with the snow bunnies. So keep your swag on ice (literally) and check out some of the fresh Fall '09 releases at Bodega, and Paragon Sports.

Keep reading to see Marc Daniel's five winter essentials as well as some pics of Isaora's spring '10 collection...

Marc Daniels' Five Winter Essentials
1. A black cashmere bandana
2. A pair (or two) of Nike Snowboarding boots
3. Maintain a steady drinking diet of Fernet Branca with Coke (no lemon)
4. A down pullover/anorak
5. ISAORA's ISA-ID Printed Shell

WHERE TO FIND IT: Isaora, Bodega, Paragon Sports, United Arrows, The Gallerie (Aspen),






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