torchNAME: Torch

AGE: 23

OCCUPATION: Photographer

HOME BASE: Brooklyn

SHIRT: Ray-Ban

SHIRT: Marc Jacobs

PANTS: Dior Homme

SNEAKERS: Air Yeezy's

WATCH: Breitling

What are you saving up for the summer? A new house.

What summer trend needs to die? I hate that retro early '90s high top stone wash jeans wearing type.

What is your dream vacation? Brazil.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? Ralph Lauren suede driving mocs.

What's your summer drink? Jack and Coke.

What is your favorite city? L.A.

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What inspires your style?

Last clothing item you purchased? Marc Jacobs black duffle.

Favorite brand? Dior.

Favorite tech gadget? Macbook Pro

Most money spent on clothing? $600 on a Dior Homme black wax jeans.

Dream job? Work for N.A.S.A

Dream date? Keri Hilson.

Last book read? Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
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